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Pilot Launch – Capital Region, NY

New Way to Shop For a Home Loan

Monthly Budget Based Home Searching

Albany, NY:
CAN I BUY IT is an online tool that allows prospective home buyers to find homes within their total monthly payment budget by disclosing all home purchasing costs upfront. CAN I BUY IT is launching a pilot program in the Capital Region; it is a “widget” on local real estate websites. The home loan shopping tool is offered on local real estate websites. A few agencies, such as Miranda Real Estate Group, Darby Real Estate and Big Blue Realty have already begun using the tool.  The company is committed to bringing financial awareness to the home buying process, and to helping consumers make the best financial decisions when purchasing a home.
You can see how it works by clicking here.

CAN I BUY IT is an online tool that works on and with real estate websites, and will especially help smaller companies by driving traffic to their websites. CAN I BUY IT has proprietary software, which will allow the smaller companies to offer information and resources to home buyers that the “big boy” companies can’t.  The best part (for realtors) is that there are no costs involved. Before a prospective homebuyer even speaks with a lender, CAN I BUY IT reveals all home purchasing costs to the buyer upfront. Casual shoppers can instantly find out how much money they need, both at closing and each month, to purchase a specific home.

It’s well known within the industry just how disconnected consumers are when it comes to home loan financing, and that many prospective home buyers grossly underestimate the amount of money they need to purchase and finance a home. CAN I BUY IT is determined to bridge this information gap with its online tools.

Traditionally, a family’s home search has been a separate process from the search for a mortgage. The problem with this is that a consumer’s home budget and affordability vary based on both the type of mortgage they take out, and on each individual property they look at. Just because two homes are listed at the same sales price, doesn’t mean they cost the same amount of money. These variables have made it difficult for lenders to communicate the total costs involved with a mortgage transaction until after a home shopper has applied with them. CAN I BUY IT serves as the middle-man between lenders and real estate listing websites to disclose these costs upfront to you, the home buyer.

CAN I BUY IT empowers the home buyer by:

  • Finding and comparing homes within their true home buying budget, which is a combination of their total monthly payment and cash for closing.
  • Eliminating waiting until after a home buyer is under contract to find out these “other” expenses. These expenses are factored in immediately during the buyer’s search.
  • Enabling the home buyer to become a more informed and confident home shopper.

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About Your Company:
CAN I BUY IT informs home buyers of their actual home financing budgets and options. Buyers can instantly find out a home’s true cost and find the best mortgage deals to meet those costs.

CAN I BUY IT is co-founded by Saratoga Springs native Chris Phillis. From 2004 to 2015, Chris worked in the mortgage industry as a residential home loan officer, and, during this time, he assisted thousands of mortgage-financing shoppers navigate the home buying process. As a result of his experience in the mortgage-financing field, Chris set out to create an application that would assist his existing clients and realtor business partners during the home buying process. “There was a real desire to provide my realtor business partners and my homebuyer clients with a tool both could use to properly gauge a home’s true cost. Varying property tax rates, property types, loan programs and closing costs can make understanding your true budget very confusing when you’re shopping for a home. The mortgage industry is relatively archaic compared to other industries. Our mission was to enable home shoppers and realtors with the ability to search through inventory based on a home’s true cost, which is not solely reflective of its sales price”.

As a veteran of the mortgage business, Chris brings invaluable boots on the ground experience to this valuable new tool, offering a unique vision in creating a platform that better connects lenders to consumers and realtors while educating them in the home buying process.

If you are a real estate agent looking to improve your website, you can learn more about this by clicking the button below. Again, there is no cost associated with this tool.

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CanIBuyIt is dedicated to informing homebuyers on their financing budgets.

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